Janyk Steenbeek

21 year old passionate entrepreneur and full-stack web developer from Groningen, NL

hi there 👋

I am extremely passionate about web development and design in all its forms. Why? Just because I love to see how you can change the world with just a few lines of code. You can do whatever you want, there are no limits.

what i currenly do 👨‍💻

I have my own business; Webmethod. Webmethod is a software and security agency which provides web development and security services. It's also the owner of multiple subsidiaries: Socialz (a full-service influencer & artist management agency, working together with premium influencers to develop their channel and work with brands), Nederlandkamers and Clearcommerce.

Throughout the week, you can find me at at the ebird Travel office, where I build the next-generation flight, hotel and cruise ticket engine used by major travel agencies and airports.

I am also active on YouTube's Product Forums as Product Expert (Gold), over here. I'm also active as bug hunter at Zerocopter, the Google Vulnerability Reward Program and Facebook White Hat program.

what i've done 👔

I have worked as a Web Developer for companies like Embrace, Age of Media (Tuvalu) and Occhio.

I also ran a Multi-Channel-Network, Alveum. Alveum was a YouTube Certified talent & rights management agency that provides creators and brands with outstanding technology to improve their online presence on social media as YouTube. Over 70 premium creators decided to join Alveum, totalling up to 7 million subscribers, 40.000 videos and 1.7 billion total views, resulting in an annual €1,5 million turnover.